KOH PRO manifesto


KOH PRO is a production company set up in May 2016 by Karen O’Hare to develop and produce short and feature film productions, TV programmes and other film and TV projects.

KOH PRO aims to produce high quality and distinctive film & TV.

KOH PRO aims to produce interesting and thought provoking film & TV that surprises, challenges and entertains audiences.

KOH PRO aims to discover new and exciting talent with a distinctive and unique vision that want to say something about the world.

KOH PRO aims to produce film & TV with stories that involve characters, worlds and situations not often seen on screen – stories from female filmmakers, BAME filmmakers, queer filmmakers etc.

KOH PRO aims to produce film & TV from directors with an ambitious visual style and distinctive approach and to marry this with strong storytelling.

KOH PRO aims to produce unique film projects through film festival programming and other film events.

KOH PRO aims to provide training, development and mentoring for young and new filmmakers.

Get in touch if you would like to work with KOH PRO on a production or a project.